Corona test result plugin (Premium)

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Wordpress plugin for managing and reporting Corona / COVID-19 test results

Please note: a Lite version can be found directly inside the plugin directory of Wordpress.

Tip: just watch our explanation video if you have any questions.


Management of Corona/COVID-19 test results with online check for the patients/citizens. Make the quick smear test procedure easier for both yourself and the person being tested and transmit the test result (positive/negative) via online query. Whether it’s a family practice, community testing center, pharmacy, or laboratory.

🦠 For medical practices, test centers and laboratories: Generate random codes and print out an information sheet with a URL and QR code for online querying of results, as well as a document for linking the code and the fixed result at the test location.

🦠 Reduced conversation times: (Premium) Individual information and recommendations for action can be displayed for each status page (result pending/positive/negative). This significantly reduces conversation times with patients/citizens. In this way, information can be read at home without stress.

🦠 No endless attempts to reach test subjects by phone: There is no need to contact test subjects by telephone to report the test results.

🦠 Data protection included: Personal data is not stored on the server if the certificate generation feature is not activated or no certificate is requested. Otherwise, all personal data is stored encrypted.

Intuitive operation, great time savings, comfort for patients/citizens. No queues with an increased risk of infection and no confusion when communicating the results. The patient / citizen is assigned to the smear test result using a unique code.


  • Generation of unique random codes for assigning and retrieving test results
  • Generation of document for the testing location and the test subjects
  • QR code for easy access to the test result by the patient/citizen
  • no storage of sensitive data on the server if the creation of certificates is not used

Premium Features

  • Individually adaptable to the design of the website
  • Custom content on the different result pages (e.g. for further information and instructions)
  • Customizable texts and settings if needed
  • Batch generation of codes and documents
  • CSV export of codes
  • Creation of test certificates to be printed out or sent by e-mail
  • Reading vCard data from a QR code into the test regitration form
    (e.g., from official contact tracking apps, such as the Corona warning app in Germany) ¹ ²
  • Import personal data from appointment booking tools/plugins upon test regitration ¹ ³
  • Quick Check-In: Print out a poster to lead about-to-be tested persons to a page where they can create a QR code containing their personal data while waiting, to further speed up the registration process
  • Data transfer: Send test results to official contact tracing apps
  • Label printing for easier assignation of test kits and results

Important: If you are using any caching plugin, make sure that the page containing the result retrieval form is added as an exception so it is never being cached, as this will otherwise lead to the form no longer working once the security nonce expires.

¹ access via HTTPS protocol required
² webcam or compatible scanning device required
³ currently supported: Bookly plugin (Bookly Pro is required to make use of additional fields for address and birth date)
⁴ currently supported: Corona-Warn-App (Germany)

For reasons incomprehensible to us, despite working functionality and already having successfully connected users, T-Systems is currently refusing further integrations when using our plug-in. We will try to clarify this issue, but for the time being we can only advise you to manually use the alternative Corona-Warn-App portal solution in addition to our plug-in.

Video explanation

You can find a video explaining how to install, activate and use the Premium version here:


  1. During registration, a unique code is generated for the person to be tested and, if required, personal data is recorded for the certificate to be created later, which is encrypted by a PIN.
  2. The smear test is performed and assigned to the person being tested using a code created beforehand. Afterwards, the person tested can immediately resume his or her usual activities.
  3. As soon as the result is available, it can be assigned digitally. If the test result is positive, a certificate can also be issued for the health department.
  4. The person being tested can use the QR code to conveniently check the result of their corona test on the go or at home.
  5. If a certificate is requested and personal data has been recorded, the tested person will receive the certificate by email. The certificate can be opened and printed out using the PIN.
  6. In case of a negative result, the printed certificate can be used for shopping, traveling or taking part in events in many places within 24 hours.
Wordpress version tested: 5.9.0Wordpress version required: 4.8PHP version required: 5.6.40Additional plugin requirements: For security reasons, your website should use an SSL certificate (recognizable by https: //). In order to use the certificate generation feature, WordPress version 5.2 or higher is required. Chromium-based Browser recommended, minimum Version for iOS Safari: 13.4

Does Corona Test Results respect data privacy?

Yes, it does! If the certificate generation feature is not used, or a tested person does not want to receive a certificate, personal data is not stored on the server at all. Personal data needed to generate a certificate is stored in encrypted form. However, please inquire which additional data protection rules and regulations apply locally.

Is the system tested and actively used?

Yes, it is approved by regular use in a family doctor’s practice that we’re in contact with, as well as several testing locations located in Germany and around the world.

Isn't that too time-consuming?

On the contrary, it saves a lot of time for the test staff!

How does the testing process work with the plug-in?

There are different ways how you can use the plugin. Currently it is designed for the following workflow:

  1. Create code: You generate a unique code via "Register test" and enter the data (full name and date of birth) of the person being tested.
  2. Generate PDF: You print out the provided PDF, which consists of two A5 pages. One part is given to the tested person, the other part is processed at the test site.
  3. Corona test: Once the test has been completed and the result is known, use "Assign result" to assign the test result to the code registered.
  4. Test result: The person tested gets to the results page via the code on their printout (manual entry or via QR code) and can read the result.
  5. Attestation/Certificate: Upon request, the person tested will receive a certificate of the test result by email.

With the premium version, additional information such as instructions can be offered on the results pages (pending/positive/negative).

Does ist come with an integrated booking system?

While there is no integrated booking functionality, you're able to read bookings from the third-party plugin called "Bookly" and copy the data over to the registration form. Mind though that we have no control over how Bookly handles the user data and you may need Bookly Pro and additional Bookly Add-Ons to make use of specific features.

Does the plugin create a certificate about the test result?

Yes, as of version 1.4.0 of the plug-in, certificates can be generated when assigning the test results, which can then either be printed out or sent by e-mail.

Will my external Camera / QR Scanner work with the plugin?

Any device that is detected as a camera in the web browser should work. Please check if your device is recognized as a camera on this page, which is a demo of the library that we use for QR code scanning:

We try to also support scanning devices that are detected by the operating system as a keyboard and will populate a text field upon successful scan. This should work whenever the QR scan overlay is open, however, this implementation is currently experimental and we're looking forward to your feedback.

Starting with version 1.10.2, we successfully tested this input method with a Tera HW0002 handheld scanner. (Set the data format to Unicode/UTF-8 and the keyboard language to “International Keyboard”, or “ALT method” for some devices)
USB connection is recommended for fast and reliable scan results.

Keeping track of and having to enter PINs for each test upon certificate generation is quite time-consuming - is it really necessary?

The PIN, which is not stored in the system and should therefore only be available offline in printed form, is an additional security measure to protect the patient data. This is a trade-off between data protection and using an open, online system like WordPress instead of a local software solution.


  • Add notice about current CWA integration issues


  • Fix QR Code Scan camera detection/selection on some Android devices
  • force file downloads on iOS devices due to Safari preventing opening a new tab, resulting in loss of registration form data
  • Quick-CheckIn: Switch from system date picker to three dropdowns for birth date selection due to unintuitive UX for end customers
  • fix timestamp offset in registratioin document on some iOS devices
  • added option for adding a text block to the bottom of the second page generated during registration
  • auto-focus PIN input


  • CWA integration: fix endpoint switching from WRU to PROD system and error handling


  • Quick-CheckIn: CWA radio buttons may not have the default one checked, declarations of consent texts have to be always visible (according to requirements)


  • fix iOS bug: after generating a certificate PDF in the browser and navigating back, Safari would lose the PIN, resulting in the certificate PDF having no opening password when mailed afterwards


  • fix CWA integration timestamp again per request of T-Systems (using last status change minus 15 minutes)


  • added option for displaying an additional required checkbox in the Quick Check-In form
  • added option to show appointments for additional days in the future
  • accept key files in PKCS#1 format for Corona-Warn-App integration (only PKCS#8 keys were accepted so far)
  • prevent possible PHP Notice during plugin update hook
  • Prevent hardware scanner timeout when scanning via 2.4G wireless
  • fix scan/certificate modal positioning with some themes or plugins
  • fix appointment search in some WP environments
  • fix CWA integration timestamp timezone issue
  • fix CWA integration timestamp using current time instead of registration timestamp as requested by T-Systems


  • Refactored and improved hardware QR scanning device input detection (now works without camera scanner overlay open)
  • decode HTML entities in email sender name
  • fix appointment data when using the Bookly Group Bookings Add-On
  • fix saving code status changes when certificate functionality has not yet been enabled before
  • fix oder of empty address lines on batch PDFs or when address is empty
  • fix birth date in certificates still being off one day on some devices/browsers


  • Quick Check-In: prevent themes or plugins minifying the markup causing JavaScript parsing errors
  • Lite version only: fix saving code status changes not working


  • experimental support for scanning devices that are detected as a keyboard instead of a webcam
  • fix fetching appointments when the database table prefix contains uppercase letters
  • improved support for rear-facing cameras on mobile devices
  • added icons to registration form buttons for better discernability
  • registration: allow filtering by booking id by entering # followed by a booking number
  • fix escaping of single quotes in patient data (e.g. in surnames)
  • fix timestamp issues when updating code data without updating the status
  • Quick Check-In: added option to display a repeat email address input to prevent typos
  • Quick Check-In: Validate email address format if entered
  • fix test trade name select breaking into a new line when containing a rather long name
  • Prevent third-party caching plugins "WP Fastest Cache" and "WP Super Cache" from caching the status check form
  • fix JS errors during certificate generation in Safari
  • disable interactive elements on the assignation page while the modal is open, to prevent accidental changes
  • implemented minimum PHP version check for CWA integration feature
  • fix: checkboxes checked before additional rows finished loading were not regarded for bulk actions
  • fix: better prevent overlapping accidental status updates
  • fix: prevent accidental status updates for codes with already sent certificate
  • fix: use UTC timestamp when comparing for auto-deletion/auto-trash functionality
  • dropped support for Internet Explorer 11


  • show outstanding payment status for Bookly appointments
  • separate access rights for registration and assignation
  • fix birth date in certificates being off one day under specific circumstances
  • fix label printing failing when certificates aren't enabled
  • fix certificate mail texts defaulting to English for German locales
  • fix several language strings
  • added more customization filters


  • Added passport number field (registration, certificate, Quick Check-In)
  • Added label printing functionality and settings (Premium)
  • Added an internal custom field count filter for future customization
  • Added internal filters for appointment data


  • Implemented result status "invalid"
  • Implemented integration of Corona-Warn-App data transfer (Premium)
  • fix JS errors in code table when certificate functionality was disabled

1.6.2 (Premium only)

  • fix SQL issue when creating table layout for new installations


  • Security fix regarding possible XSS during document generation


  • Implement integration of Bookly appointment booking plugin
  • Implement Quick Check-In functionality
  • Added settings for deletion of plugin data on plugin removal
  • Added notice to WordPress data export/erasure core features
  • Added some internal hooks for future costumizations


  • Added demonstration video to plugin readme and a help tab on the settings page


  • Read vCard data from a QR code into the test registry form.
  • Fixed error in two German translation strings.


  • Implemented two additional custom fields
  • Implemented generation of certificates (Premium feature, WP 5.2 or higher required)


  • Fixed pagination and code filter for mobile view of assignation tablenav
  • Rewrite logo image URL to https if WordPress is running on https


  • Improved mobile view of assignation table
  • Display time of test on generated PDF if not in batch generation


  • fixed that the list of users with code access is reset if another settings tab is saved


  • Updated plugin metadata
  • Added screenshots of the generated document


  • Added option to overwrite the date for mass generated codes (premium feature)
  • Limitation added when querying codes
  • Multiple actions, trash and permanent deletion of codes
  • Setting to give users without admin rights access to code generation and assignment
  • Plugin settings transferred to tab display for better clarity
  • Fixed untranslated German string

1.2.3 (Premium only)

  • HOTFIX: Fixed a problem that the results query generated a 404 error page under certain circumstances

1.2.2 (Premium only)

  • Improved the content of the plugin detail popup


  • Fixed the search box being hidden on mobile devices


  • CSV export added to the mapping table (premium feature)
  • Pagination implemented on the assignment page
  • PDF generation completely revised for better performance (now also works in IE11)
  • Mass generation of codes implemented (premium function)
  • Avoidance of further PHP notices
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Changed the column type of the code creation time from datetime to timestamp to avoid problems with MySQL versions< 5.6.5 to fix


  • Inquiries when exiting the test assignment page after changing the code status
  • Readme texts updated


  • some more notices suppressed on systems with strict error reporting
  • No "Page not specified" messages for the three page types that are not used in the Lite version


  • fixed a bug that would cause a PHP error message in the backend on systems with strict error reporting settings


  • delete transient that would otherwise cause a never vanishing message after switching back from the premium version (however unlikely that may be)


  • initial release

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